My thoughts on Kenneth Walker Dance Project

El Camino College Center for the Arts presents Kenneth Walker Dance Project at the Marsee Auditorium. They were celebrating the 10th year anniversary as a company.

My friend and I are taking a online dance class. We have to critique the the performances. I’m not really into style of ballet but their performances were fantastic. I think they did such an amazing job on their costumes, music and most important their dance.

The choreographer, Kenneth Walker did amazing job on capturing the such raw emotions of each dancers. Every movement captured what the dancer was feeling in the moment. Each dancer brought their own personality to their performance. The dances were filled with jumps, turns and flips in the air. I know personality myself, there would be know way I could ever do that. You can really tell that dancers loved and care in what they were performing. You could see it as an one of the audience members. Honestly, I feel the dancers were trying to send out a message in each dance. Some performances were fun to watch or were more serious. They had music from arabic to violins.

I think everyone should see the Dance Project. Not only music is great but their dancers are amazing. I would love to see them again.